The Best Paint To Use For DIY Refinishing Furniture

Choosing the right paint can seem a bit daunting, but rest easy because we are going to make this very easy for you!

(*NOTE: All the products you will need to successfully refinish your furniture can be found on amazon and are all linked here.) We have had the opportunity to try 100's of different brands, styles, textures, and applications techniques. Our recommendation for the majority of you who don't have a lot of woodworking/refinishing experience would to stay with Rustoleum brand 2X spray paint and primer. This takes the guesswork out of the spraying process.

You can find it at your local home depot or on amazon:

6 Pack White Spray Paint

1 White Spray Paint Can Our favorite finish is Flat White in Rustoleum 2X Spray Paint. It's the easiest to apply, sand, and feels/looks better than any other brand that we tried.

There are a few different options of sheen's like:

  • Flat: Works best with distressing and farmhouse/shabby chic styles.

  • Satin: Slight shine to the finish, still a great option for farmhouse/shabby chic styles

  • Semi-Gloss: Easier to clean

  • Gloss: Easiest to clean, doesn't look very good with distressing

This spray paint is our favorite because it has a consistent spray, the color is always the same and best of all it does not run and dries extremely fast. After two hours it is dry to the touch and you are able to put it back in your home as long as you are easy on it. In 24hrs it will be fully dry and ready for regular use. Other spray paints we have used will not spray consistently ruining the sheen of your finished product. They also run like crazy! We will be holding it away from the piece of furniture, making sure to not put too much on and will look back 2 minutes later to see drips running down the piece of furniture. We never have this problem with the 2x Rustoleum brand.

If you are not planning on distressing your furniture I would go with the satin or gloss sheen. It is easier to clean and is a little tougher on scuffs if you did not want to put a top coat on it.

To add a protective top coat to your finished product we use Varathane polyurathane. This keeps all of our whites pure white and does not yellow them. It creates a scratch proof, water resistant layer to your furniture keeping it safe from spills and daily life. This is our favorite top coat because it is very easy to work with. Some brands are extremely thick, turn your whites a yellow/off white or do not cure as well to the furniture.

View these videos for some tips on painting:

1) Prepping your furniture:

2) Spraying your first coat of spray paint

3) What your furniture should look like

4) Second coat of spray paint

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