No hardwire barn light hack!

We spent weeks trying to figure out if we should hardwire lights into our walls. We loved the look but knew hardwiring them in without an existing fixture would be a nightmare. Even if we could hardwire them in, what if we wanted to change where they were? We couldn't commit to a permanent light fixture on the wall. So we ended up settling on the plug in barn lights and would just hide the cord. Wouldn't be the prettiest but at least we would have the look we wanted without ruining our wall.

Until one awesome day when a company Rustique by J&P shared their beautiful find and the EXACT solution to our problem. Shoutout to Rustique by J&P a truly talented couple in Menifee, CA. (If you are local and looking for handmade wood furniture for your home check out their profile to see GORGEOUS pieces that will no doubt fit your home!)

Check them out here:



If you want the barn light design and live in an apartment or house and don't want to ruin your wall or bring in an electrician to set up new hardwire light fixtures you will benefit from this hack.

It will take you seriously only 10-20 minutes to complete.

How to get the look...

1) First buy the barn lights, here is an amazon link (CLICK HERE)

2) Buy puck lights, here is the amazon link (CLICK HERE)

3) Put the barn lights wherever you want them on your wall

*TIP: You don't even have to use the mounting hardware they give you! We just screwed straight into the wall with screws through the hardware holes. (See pic)

4) Use a peel and stick tape to stick the puck light to the fixture

And you are done!

This hack makes your walls look clean and effortless without having to hardwire anything in. It is perfect for your apartment or temporary lighting if you don't want to bring an electrician in to create a brand new light fixture in your wall.

Hope this helps you as much as it did for us!


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