Here's how it all began...

How did Home & Havenly begin? 🤔

Years ago we refinished a table that was white and brown with two benches for ourselves. Once we moved into our current home, it no longer fit so we tried to sell it expecting nothing for it.

To our surprise we had a line of people who wanted to come ASAP to pick it up a few minutes after posting it for sale 😳.

We started to sell a few other items we had “DIYed” for our previous home, all having that same great response. We slowly started to flip furniture on the side as a complete hobby. (If you know us, we can’t sit still 🤪) We went to garage sales, thrift stores and picked up things constantly.

In the beginning we kept most of the furniture (we have had over 15... possibly 20 different table sets in our home because we fell in love with each one 🤣). We loved the thrill of finding a new piece and wanted to learn everything about “flipping” for the pure pleasure of seeing what we could do to a piece of furniture that was on its last legs.

We have learned so much in that time, and still have so much more to learn! It is important to grow everyday in the job you consider a passion.

- Hudson & Arabella Sherr

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