Hbee Restoration is now Home & Havenly

In 2019 we fell in love with the hobby of refinishing furniture. We started to see the beauty in everything used, from small used items to large tables and hutches that just needed some sanding and paint to make it like new again. The history and beauty that these pieces had were unbelievable, some were over 100 years old! Throughout the year we educated ourselves on stain, sanding, wood, veneer, laminate, solid construction, etc. for the pure fun of seeing this huge transformation right before our eyes. We started to put up items on offerup and facebook marketplace and they sold almost instantly. It was incredibly exciting! After months of learning this hobby, we started to get people coming back to us for more items or asking us to refinish their furniture. January 2020 was when we decided to make something of this beautiful hobby and turn it into something a little more serious. As cheesy as it sounds, that is when Hbee Restoration was born.

We thought it would become a side job, (or side hustle as they call it ;)) but it became so much more! We have been blessed to fill so many peoples homes with these beautiful pieces and have received so much love back. We had no idea so many people wanted to shop local and keep small businesses going. We love all the communities around us for all the support they have had over the last two years.

After months of deliberation we decided to change the name to Home & Havenly. This encompasses everything we plan to do in the present and future, helping to make your home your safe place, because after all your home greatly influences your mood and emotions.

We live every day focusing on the good not the bad. Staying grateful for our family, friendships and love we share. Home & Havenly is our way to spread as much positivity as we can.

- The Sherrs

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