... and so they built a life they loved...

Hudson started after he fell in love with restoring antique furniture. Every single item in our house has been refinished or customized in some way. From our dining table set to the candlestick holders on our mantle, we somehow adjusted it to fit our style. We became obsessed with the old yet clean and fresh farmhouse feel. It brought about this beautiful feeling of soulfulness, we were getting to use a perfect piece of furniture that had a whole other story to it and make it like new again ready for our story. 


We grew to have a huge appreciation for each piece, loving the character and story that every one has. It became our goal to take these beautiful pieces and make them feel like new again, giving them a new life with a new family to enjoy for years to come. 

Getting to share our love for the antique yet modern farmhouse style has been so rewarding. We are getting to give a beautiful ending to an existing owner of the old furniture and a new beginning to the freshly restored piece. 

We realized how important it is to fill your home with not just furniture you love, but decor items items that make you feel happy. It genuinely has a huge effect on your mood when you walk into a home that makes you feel good. So, we wanted to be able to serve more people than just the communities around us, which is why we offer online items to people all over the U.S. 

We have grown our following based around the modern farmhouse style that we love. In turn, the items that are available in our online shop are items that we would own and love in our own home. Rather than just adding items that don't fit with who we are, we decided to take the extra time and effort to cultivate an online store that resonates with both our customers and ourselves. 

Love, The Sherrs

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