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We are a husband and wife team that has one very specific goal in mind, bringing happiness to your home. Furniture has a huge impact on your mood, attitude, productivity, and creativity, which is why we know exactly how important it is to create a home environment you can be proud of. We learned just how important this fact was when we switched out 15 tables, 5 buffet tables, 3 beds, countless home decor items like plants, signs, paint colors, and so much more, all in less than a year. 


We knew we had a problem. 


We were so focused on finding the right combination of furniture, decor, table settings, color, and size that we didn't rest until we achieved an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Once we found it - every piece of furniture and decor became family and has not been changed since. Every morning we get excited to see our restored vintage dining room table or use our gorgeous pine farmhouse dresser. We are proud of our furniture and we want you to be as well. We want you to feel happy and proud of your home every time you swing open that front door of your apartment, house, cottage, farmhouse, or any other type of home you might have! Life is about happiness, positivity, and love, and we would be honored to be able to give you a piece of farmhouse charm. 

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